About Animal Care Charity

By way of introduction, we are a local very busy animal rescue charity called 'Animal Care'. We have been a registered charity helping animals since 1978. We take unwanted and abandoned animals in from all over the North West and look after them until we can find them loving new homes. We save predominantly dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents and birds. We rehome over 1000 animals every year.  We are the only rescue in this area which can help dogs, cats and small animals so we are always very busy and always very full.

We also rehome ex battery hens, and have two resident goats which we saved from slaughter.

In addition to this we have a wildlife rehabilitation centre, where we take in injured wildlife, which we care for and release after recovery.

We also provide an education service to local schools and groups such as brownies, who can come up and tour the site and have a talk in our education room, where we teach them about responsible pet ownership and treating animals with respect.

We take on students from local schools and colleges for work experience -such as Lancaster and Morecambe College and Myerscough - and we also offer placements to special needs students from Beaumont College who benefit from working with the animals.

We are entirely self-funded, and receive no aid from the government or anyone else. We raise all our own money with fundraising events, charity shops and the tea rooms up at the sanctuary.

Animal Care works very hard every day to help as many animals as we can. Each day we are asked to help pets from homes where the owners can no longer care for them for many different reasons. We also help dog pounds across the North West with dogs on death row. We help the RSPCA with cruelty cases, puppy farms and abandoned animals. We also support the work of the Romanian Street Dog Rescue. We have 25 kennel spaces available and in August 2014, we had 62 dogs in our care desperate for new homes! But we did it!!!!

We have a fantastic team of friendly staff with years of knowledge and experience who do all they can to make a stay at Animal Care as comfortable as possible for every animal. Animal Care offers a friendly service with continued help and support for any animal you adopt. All the staff are qualified and have been hand-picked to join the team because of their true love for animals, all carrying a passion and skill in different areas making them assets.

We have a busy charity shop in Lancaster that has proved to be an asset to the charity run by Sue and an army of volunteers, you will always find a bargain. The tea rooms have a fantastic view of Lancaster and is run by a lovely friendly team that makes wonderful home made cakes and lots more tasty treats. Our team is always on hand to help answer any of your questions. The staff work tirelessly 365 days a year and the charity are lucky to have such a dedicated team.

Without the help of volunteers who help us every day we simply could not continue. We have a strong team of regular volunteers who give up their free time to help the animals. If you would like to become a volunteer and help us in any way please see the volunteer page.

Animal Care works with local vets, dog pounds, dog wardens, other rescue centres and has a good relationship with the RSPCA offices and has been fully approved.

Thank you for reading we hope to meet you soon.